Night Lights for Toddlers

night lights for toddlers

Night lights for toddlers are a great way to help soothe away any fears of the dark which youngsters often develop around this age.

By the time babies have become toddlers, many of them begin to fear the dark and dislike being on their own, or alone in their own bedrooms. This can make bedtimes and night times particularly draining and upsetting for both children and parents.

It can often become a vicious circle and parents find themselves trying many different things to get their toddler to stay in their own room and go to sleep, happily. Oten, the more tired your child is, the more they will fight sleep and the more irrational their fears will become, meaning more traumatic and longer bedtime routines for all those concerned.

A great way around this is to use a night light in your toddler’s room and there’s such a wide range to choose from that bedtimes can be fun and your child can actually look forward to relaxing in their room as they drift off to sleep, rather than having to be persuaded or coerced.

Night lights for toddlers have many benefits

As well as helping your toddler overcome any fears of the dark which they may have, you’ll probably find toddler night lights vital when it comes to toilet training. Using a light will help youngsters feel safe should they need to get up and use the bathroom during the night. Of course, the lights will also be invaluable to help them find their way to the bathroom and back to bed again!

What types of night lights for toddlers are available?

You can choose from projector night lights which display starry skies or light shows on the wall or ceiling, or soft teddy or animal shaped lights which are safe for your toddler to have in their cot, or bed. There are also plug in lights which will just give a gentle glow to the room and can be helpful if youngsters need to get up during the night.

There are also lights which will help teach your toddler the difference between night and day by displaying different colours or images rather than traditional times. These can be a huge help if your toddler has a habit of getting up too early because they don’t know what time it is, or whether it’s daytime or still night.

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